Interior design

Villa Rio Verde


Design interior

Working on the project, we had the task to create the modern design that would visually expand the space. Light colors similar to the living room and open plan kitchen, sliding panoramic windows, mirrors and the right lighting visually remove borders and give more space. We also used various interior decor items for decoration.

Modernity & Comfort

Living room with and open plan kitchen is a focal point of the villa, its place acts as a natural center, drawing guests from morning wake-ups to after-work nights in. That's why we used modern comfortable furniture to decorate it.

Magnificent interior decorating items

When working on the interior design, it was important for us to choose the perfect color palette and to complement it with suitable decor details.

Relaxation areas

By sliding the panoramic window open you can easily access the poolside terrace where you can find for example an alfresco dining area, some sofas to relax and also some sundecks to enjoy near the swimming pool. The upper terraces also have seating areas with comfortable furniture.

Attention to every detail


The villa has 5 bathrooms. For the design of one of them, we used a great tropical shower and double vanity sinks. To create the feeling of a cozy home, you used candles and other decorative items in a certain color scheme.

Floor Plans