Interior design

Villa Lotus


Design interior

Magnificent interior for a villa built in the Andalusian style. For the design, at the request of the customer, were used light, non-intrusive shades. We paid special attention to the design of children's rooms. Wine cellar, beautiful furniture, and sculptures used for decoration. This project was very interesting for us. Also we used in the design various details to show the client how his house will look like in reality.

Wine cellar


The wine cellar design had to fulfill a double role - to be the place where the wine is stored and to be a perfect room to sit with a friend over a glass of wine. For this purpose, we used special cabinets for storing wine and created a design of a cozy corner with comfortable furniture.

Splendor & Minimalism

To bring warmth feel to the minimalist bathroom we added natural elements like wood. For decoration we used luxurious chandeliers and flowers.